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People ask why the market needs another HR consulting firm? Having worked in the industry for decades as a consultant and at the C-suite level at several of those big and small firms, you quickly realize that the majority of firms are specialist shops that focus primarily on one or a few areas like health care, retirement plans, payroll, HRIS systems , recruiting, administrative outsourcing to name a few and truly don’t have robust offerings in the full range of areas. The term “HR consulting” is very loosely applied to any company that consults on any type of HR discipline. It would be like a bagel store hanging a sign out that says “Bakery”. Clearly a bagel shop is a type of bakery but the unknowing passer by might be a bit disappointed on the limited selection. Our vision is to become “THE “ Hr strategy consulting firm where our focus is maximizing a company’s performance by helping them maximize the performance of their HR function at a strategic level. We believe HR can have a profound result on business results and can be a true business partner in the most evolved sense of the word. Many HR departments get no closer than working on strategic HR programs or may even be invited in to develop a response to a new business strategy , but few HR functions are at the table developing, contributing to and forming business plans with other leaders.